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Seachest Observation and Inspection
Inspection and Integrity Management
The ARMS MiniROV systems are portable inspection vehicles that can be quickly and easily deployed to perform Cooling Water Intake Inspections at Phase 3 Facilities. Reference EPA Clean Water Act 316 (b) intake inspections. EPA 40 CFR Parts 9, 122, 123, et al.


Our MiniROV systems can be deployed from drill ships and platforms for water intake inspections for weekly or monthly inspections. Keeping a portable MiniROV on the installation does not take up the deck space of a conventional ROV and reduces the budget impact of mobilizing a larger ROV on a DP MSV.


ARMS MiniROV systems can also be used for Diver Observation, downed platform inspections and GVI / CVI / Cathodic Protection (CP) tasks during UWILD and platform inspections. Equipment can be mobilized quickly and set up on the host facility without major impacts to existing inspection/operational schedules.