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HD ROV on Deck
ROV System Audits


Advanced Remote Marine Services, ARMS perform third-party independent ROV system audits of Work Class and Inspection vehicles.  ARMS provide audit assurance for ROV companies and for clients hiring ROV services.  The IMCA R009 mobilization audit guideline is used as an industry standard for the basis of our ROV system MOB audit reports.  ARMS’ ROV auditor will document the inspection taking digital photos of the equipment. ROV, TMS and LARS function testing is witnessed, control cabin and workshops inspected and the certification status of the system will be checked.



Advanced Remote Marine Services perform third-party ROV system inventory audits for corporate accounting verification purposes.  The ARMS ROV auditor conducts an agreed upon number of tests to the audit count previously recorded by company personnel.  In addition to random count testing, the ARMS auditor will check for key high dollar critical spare items in the inventory.  Any discrepancies are noted in a report detailing findings and any process concerns identified.