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Offshore ROV Services
Offshore ROV

ARMS own and operate three SeaBotix vLBV950 MiniROV systems, providing high quality underwater video, scanning sonar, 2D Multibeam Imaging sonar and light duty grabber arm tasks. CP Probes, UT Thickness Gauges and other sensors can be interfaced for inspection tasks as required.

Onshore ROV Services
Onshore ROV

ARMS own and operate three Seabotix vLBV950 MiniROV systems, providing high quality underwater/tunnel video, 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar and light duty grabber arm tasks. Our MiniROV systems are an excellent choice for structural inspections of Dams, Outfall inspections, Apron and Scour inspections.

Inspection and Integrity Management
Inspection and IM

The ARMS MiniROV systems are portable inspection vehicles that can be quickly and easily deployed to perform Cooling Water Intake Inspections at Phase 3 Facilities. Keeping a portable MiniROV on the installation does not take up the deck space of a conventional ROV and reduces the budget impact of mobilizing a larger ROV on a DP MSV.

Project Management Services
Project Management

ARMS brings 25 years of International ROV, project and inspection experience to our clients. Safety of personnel, equipment, and the environment is of the utmost importance to us and safe operating practices are adhered to for every project.

HD ROV on Deck
ROV System Audits

Routine audits play an important role in improving operational safety. ARMS provides Audit services for ROV and Marine systems such as IMCA R006 ROV System Audits and ROV System Inventory Audits.

Scientific Support
Scientific Support

ARMS provides easily deployed, small footprint ROV systems for scientific and environmental project support. We are able to provide support to projects on land or on a vessel.

vLBV950 in water ARMS
ROV System Rentals

Advanced Remote Marine Services, LLC are experienced operators of the SeaBotix vLBV300 and vLBV950 MiniROV systems and offer system rental with a technician or complete ROV project services.  The highly portable vLBV950 MiniROV is depth rated to 950 m (3,116 ft.)