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Onshore ROV Services
Gemini Sonar of Lakebed
ROV in water on job

ARMS own and operate three Seabotix vLBV950 MiniROV systems and a tracked crawler skid, providing high quality underwater/tunnel video, 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar and light duty grabber arm tasks. Our MiniROV systems are an excellent choice for structural inspections of Dams, Outfall inspections, Apron and Scour inspections.

ARMS ROV systems are maintained to the highest standards to provide optimal performance to our clients.

ARMS vLBV950 MiniROV Systems are capable of performing the following inspection tasks:
  • Structural Inspections of Dams
  • Outfall Inspections
  • Internal Inspections of Conduit and Tunnels (Tracked or Swimming)
  • Apron and Scour Inspections
  • 2D Multibeam Sonar Mosaics of Riverbeds and Lakebeds