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ARMS ROV Equipment

ARMS own and operate MiniROV Systems, a tracked crawler skid, acoustic positioning equipment, Scanning Sonar, Multibeam Imaging Sonar, 1080P HD Cameras with scaling lasers, Digital Cathodic Potential System, and a complement of system spares to support remote location deployments. Our Clients are from the inland and offshore sectors in the Oil & Gas Industry, Scientific, Civil & Industrial, and Government Agencies and Engineering firms.


Seabed mapping for debris surveys, object location and post-hurricane inspections can be conducted using our multibeam imaging sonar combined with GPS and SAMM, a real-time mosaic module to create geo-referenced images of the seabed. Good for decommissioning site clearance surveys and hazard ID.


Ancillary Equipment:

The equipment listed above is owned and available in-house to ensure compatibility and availability when needed. ARMS have relationships with numerous equipment manufacturers and lease pools from which we can obtain additional project specific equipment when needed.


Equipment Spares and Redundancy:

Working in the harsh underwater environment can take its toll on equipment. Decades of experience have taught us to prepare for the worst and expect the best. When selected to provide ROV services in the Arctic Circle we ensured we had two fully compatible ROV systems and the necessary critical spares on hand to operate for months with no logistic support. We have an extensive compliment of critical spares, test and repair equipment.