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vLBV950 Advanced Remote Marine Services

The vLBV950 uses six (6) Brushless DC electric thruster motors. Four (4) thrusters in a vector thruster configuration provide control in all horizontal directions, and two (2) vertical thrusters for greater vertical control and roll stabilization. The vLBV950 is an exceptionally stable small ROV with an impressive thrust to weight ratio. System power requirements: 2x 115 VAC 20 amp circuits.

The forward color camera is on a 180° Tilt Unit.   Four (4) Variable Intensity LED Light arrays of 1,080 Lumens each, tilt with the forward camera. A secondary camera can be fitted in a fixed position, usually used as a rear facing camera.

  • Altimeter- Tritech Micron EchoSounder is used to provide accurate height off seabed.
  • Depth rating:     950 meters Seawater (MSW) – 3,116 Feet Seawater (FSW)
  • Length: 620mm – 24.5in       Width: 390mm – 15.5in     Height: 485mm – 19.5in (to top of sonar)
  • Thruster Configuration: There are three fixed variable positions for thruster mounting that are used to provide either equal thrust in all lateral directions, or greater forward & reverse thrust, or mostly forward & reverse thrust for applications such as inside a pipeline.
  • Bollard Thrust (Forward): 18.1-22.5 kg f (40-50 lb f) variable
  • Bollard Thrust (Vertical): 9 kg f (19.8 lb f)
  • Bollard Thrust (Lateral): 7.3-15.2 kg f (16.2-33.5 lb f) variable